40 years of expertise


SERDI (Société d'Études, de Réalisation et de Diffusion Industrielle) was founded in 1978 in Annecy, France, with the aim of building and selling machines dedicated to the reconditioning of combustion engines.

In 1980, SERDI registers a patent for centering on a dual air cushion, revolutionizing the machining of valve seats in terms of speed and precision. That same year, the first machine was introduced, the ERR100, which was later renamed SERDI100. The reliability and longevity of this machine will largely contribute to the reputation of SERDI.

In 1986, SERDI launches its subsidiary in the United States.

In the 1980s and 1990s, SERDI expanded its product range to include grinding machines, presses and pressure testers.

In 1996, SERDI patented a triple air cushion centering system, further improving the precision and centering time of its valve seat machines. This year, the SERDI 3.0 and 4.0 are introduced, completing the range with the SERDI 100.

This technology is still in place on our current machines.

In 2011, SERDI introduces the STRONIK, a CNC seat machine capable of machining the hardest materials with an unmatched precision.

In 2022, SERDI unveils the Profile, an evolution of the STRONIK, whose ease of use and gain in machining precision are a great success during its presentation at the PRI show in Indianapolis.

A worldwide community and distribution network

SERDI is represented on all continents thanks to its network of distributors trained on our machines. We have been working with some of them for several decades, which for us is a guarantee of confidence in an often volatile industrial market.

It is also a community of several thousands of passionate and demanding customers, using their machines on a daily basis.


The SERDI technology

The "Live pilot" technology:

In the valve seat machines market, there are two types of pilots:

- the tapered pilot known as "Dead pilot", which is rigid in the valve guide and whose tool-holder rotates around the pilot.

- the cylindrical pilot known as "Live pilot", which rotates within the valve guide up to a 0.01 mm - 0.0004" clearance. The spindle + tool holder + pilot assembly is monobloc. Therefore the machining axis is as close as possible to the real axis of the valve, resulting in better concentricity. SERDI has always used this technology.

Triple air cushion centering system

This technology is the evolution of the dual air cushion centering system. It uses the combination of:

- A plane air cushion used to move the machining head
- A second plane air cushion used for the centering stage
- A spherical air cushion, used for centering in combination with the second plane air cushion.

A unique industrial know-how

SERDI has over four decades of expertise in the field of valve seat machining. Everything takes place in our factory in Annecy, Haute-Savoie. Our tooling is made by our grinding machinists. The parts and tooling that make up our machines are manufactured in our machining department, or subcontracted locally for the most demanding parts. These parts are then assembled in the assembly department to form the complete machine, which will be inspected and tested before being shipped anywhere in the world. It is this proximity of services as well as this know-how that over the years has put forward our reputation.

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