form tool
valve seat machines
  • usinage-plaquette-de-forme.svg Machining process Form tool
  • pilotage-manuel.svg Operating Manual
  • puissance.svg Power 2.2 kW
  • technologie-de-centrage.svg Centering technology Triple air cushion
  • capacite-de-siege.svg Valve seat capacity 16 to 120 mm / 0.6'' to 4.72''
  • speed2.svg Spindle speed 80 to 840 rpm

  • application-automobile.svg Automotive
  • application-gros-vehicules.svg Heavy duty
  • application-biogaz.svg Stationary engine

Very accurate, all-purpose machine to ream the guides and cut the valve seats. Triple air-float centering system and powerful spindle with built-in motor.

Highly versatile machine producing an accurate machining of the valve seats from the smallest to the biggest diameter.

This machine can repair any existing engine, from the microengine up to the big stationary engine. The light-weight floating assembly can machine cylinder heads with guide diameters as small as 4 mm ( 0.16’’).

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