Parts & accessories

Owning a SERDI machine is to acquire an asset for your workshop that will last for decades.
In order to maximize our machines lifespan, we provide a multitude of spare parts, accessories and consumables to keep your machine performing at its best.


Cylinder head clamping accessories

Clamping a cylinder head is one thing, but positioning it so that its guides are vertical is another. To meet these requirements, SERDI provides a complete range of supports for cylinder heads, from motorcycle engines to heavy duty machinery.


Measuring devices

Whether it is to measure the position of a holder or to measure the depth of a valve seat, SERDI offers a wide range of measuring devices that will allow you to achieve the highest quality of machining.


Inspection tools

Whether your machining control is done by concentricity measurement or by vacuum test between the seat and the valve, we sell many items that will ensure the best quality of machining control.


Various accessories

We also offer several useful accessories for storing your tools, sharpening cutting inserts or improving your machine overall.


Spare parts

From the pneumatic valve, gas dampers and the variable frequency drives, SERDI ensures that the wearing parts are compatible over time and kept in stock, in order to deliver them as quickly as possible when you need them.

Discover our entire range of spare parts and accessories by downloading our dedicated catalog:

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